https://youtu.be/6GZ057Xg2FY my heart is aching. my boyfriend of 2 years who I spent every day with just left. it’s because of the way I am. my insecurities and anger. he was all I had. because of the way I am I never had friends or a supportive family. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. I even did something stupid to try and end the pain. nothing will end this severe pain I feel. I hope to one day recover from this but for now I just feel dead inside. Not having any friends is making this so much harder. 


Changing My Lifestyle

I have been vegetarian for quite some time now and really want to make the transition to veganism but I’m having trouble. My family eats a lot of dairy and eggs and I don’t necessarily have the means to buy groceries for myself yet. Any tips? 


  Saw this adorable puppy among others at the animal shelter today. I hate seeing animals locked in small cages and feel helpless cause I can’t adopt them all. 


  Trust is obviously a huge part of all relationships. In the last relationship I was in I was lied to, led on, and manipulated many times. That past is now affecting my current relationship. My current boyfriend is amazing. We’re together 24/7, he’s sweet, caring, and selfless. He’s never given me a reason not to trust him. And still I find myself accusing him of things that I know are ridiculous. I look to my past and wonder why he wouldn’t do the same thing. I have no idea how to get through this. We were best friends before we started dating and I still get mad about other girls he has called pretty or liked in the past. I’m so insecure I think he’s always looking for something better or I don’t believe him when he tells me what he loves about me. I don’t want my past and insecurities to ruin this amazing relationship but I don’t know how to overcome this. 

Why do I feel like this? 

 Ever since I was little I have had a gap and buck teeth. Along with that came a terrible overbite :(.  My family can’t afford braces and my mom doesn’t even think I need them so that was never an option. I feel so insecure when I see girls with perfect teeth. My boyfriend assures me that he loves my smile and thinks it’s beautiful but it’s so hard to believe it myself. I try to always remember to love myself the way I was made but it’s tough at times. Does anyone else have major insecurities they deal with? 

Forlorn: 2am Thoughts

Today I am feeling very lonely and insecure. Although I have friends and a boyfriend and family around me I still feel like I am in solitude. Its starting to eat away at me. I feel like I should always be doing something or always be happy but I am not. I feel like I’m not fitting in with anybody or anything. I’m beating myself up over little things. I hope this feeling soon goes away.